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My Brother,

This site - divorce advice for men is for guys by guys. If you have found this website then it is because you are potentially contemplating, worried your spouse is considering or in the process of going through one of the most challenging issues many of us men face - DIVORCE!

Divorce, plain and simple sucks! Yes, I said it sucks. We're going to start this conversation and throughout we'll spill emotions of anger, frustration, happiness, sadness, peace, chaos and so much more. We welcome you to the site so let's get this ball rolling...

Ok, so you are a man and don't need advice because you know it all right or don't need to share your feelings - blah blah blah?

Trust me I am the same way. However, you can bet your spouse is getting woman's divorce advice (and we'll sprinkle that in throughout the site) and it actually makes you more of a man to get assistance throughout the process.

No matter your situation, you are going to ride one heck of a roller coaster so gaining insight, knowing you aren't alone, and getting advice on each and every aspect is why we created divorce advice for men.

Within these pages will be not only tips and strategies, but a conversation between us Men. Here, we will curse, scream, get pissed, cry and realize that even though we are men, we are human beings and this shit hurts!!

Let me tell you a story to help you understand & perhaps relate to...

I will never forget the day my wife at the time came to me and told me she was unhappy and if things didn't change quickly she was considering leaving me.  WTF????

I will also never forget the all of the decisions that were made from that moment on that led to the day she left all the way up to the day we went to the courthouse which was two days before Christmas. It was a year long process and the perfect ending to a messed up year.

You can read the whole story at our about men and divorce page if you would like. Bottom line, the whole thing made me feel like a freaking failure as a man. Therefore, if you are reading this and not divorced yet...

divorce survival for men

You Have 1 of 2 Options...

Now it may be very early on in the process, haven't even brought up this thought to your spouse, or are worried your spouse may consider leaving you.

Well the good news is there still may be a chance to salvage the marriage if acted upon correctly and as soon as possible. I have heard stories of marriages being saved even at the courthouse the day of dissolution/divorce.

If there is no chance in hell and the marriage is over, then we'll discuss throughout the pages of divorce advice for men what you are about to go through or are currently going through and how you can get help along the way.

We will do this for each step of the way, for each part of the process, and from everyone's perspective.

Why Divorce Advice for Men is for You...

You don't know me from Adam. I may be some Kook who is just reprinting material from a book. That is furthest from the truth and here's why...

First, I am the product of divorce. I was the oldest of 2 boys and during some very important developmental years of my life, my parents decided to call it quits. We were uprooted and life as we knew it became different.

What I didn't realize was how being a child of divorce affected me until I went through my own.

Fast forward 20 years later...

As noted in the story above, my wife and I called it quits. Everything turned upside down immediately and this created a whirlwind of an adventure that neither of us could get a grasp on.

Now, I must say that either divorce I'd been through was ugly by any means. They had their rough moments, but I did embark on this journey with many friends who had to endure ugly splits which just made the roller coaster ride a little scarier and tougher to get through.

More of the stories will be shared throughout divorce advice for me. This website was developed from experiences of divorce and from many people having to go through it. I will admit firsthand that after many horrible things in life happening to myself, this was one of the hardest things I had to go through.

The good news is that I came out on the other side stronger, more alive, and wiser. The bad news is that I basically had to start over from scratch or in a hole depending on how you look at it after losing virtually everything.

With that said...

Let's break down the reasons you may be at divorce advice for men and just how we can work together to ensure that if divorce is the only option we help you through all aspects...

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Before, During, and After the Divorce...

  • Divorce - thinking of leaving? Spouse thinking of leaving? Marriage problems for a long time? Want to save the marriage but the talk of divorce has risen. We will uncover for you tips and dive into each of these thoughts. You can save your marriage!

  • Divorce advice for men and women - Going through a divorce takes two and albeit there are many reasons and situations that cause divorce, we need to look at it from both angles to understand how to handle situations and issues that are sure to arise.

  • The process or the journey as I like to call it. Because that is what it is. I'll explain more in a second.

  • Are there children? This is a crucial aspect of divorce that so many people seem to forget or not consider heavily enough.

  • Mental and physical emotions - you are going to ride a roller coaster of emotions as you embark on this journey. They are inevitable and we are going to help you identify them along the way and learn techniques to handle these areas effectively.

  • Financial - there is a ton to consider in this aspect and how the assets will be handled. Don't let all your hard work over the years be taken away.

  • Legal help - we'll help you find forms, determine the best process for splitting assets and other belongings and assist with finding an attorney in your area.

  • A resource - you can find everything you need here and if we don't have it we will point you in the right direction saving time, money and more frustration.

  • Divorce support - we are here to help you along the divorce process. Support you will need and you will get whether it be in the form of informational articles, asking/answering questions, finding a local group or other.

  • Dating and new relationships - eventually you will meet someone or want to begin dating or even consider getting married again (I can lead you through this). This can now be tricky especially if you have children. The questions of when to begin doing this comes into play as well.

  • How to do things right so that life turns out better! This one aspect alone has made me and others I've shared the experience with a much stronger and better man ready to take on my next adventures.

  • Spiritual side of the coin. You are going to need to touch base with areas of yourself that you may not be comfortable with. I can assure you that if you follow our guidance you will come out to become the man that you want and should be. You can have it all as a man!

  • And a lot more - divorce advice for men is going to touch on each step of the way and dive deep into all aspects of divorce and separation.

What Divorce Advice for Men is Not...

  • Legal advice - we are not attorneys and although we may consult with professionals, we are not here to provide any legal advice at divorce advice for men.

  • Therapy sessions - again we are not professionals licensed to practice in these areas. Divorce advice for men is here to support you and assist you in how to handle the aspects of divorce, not provide any medical advice. We will help you find these professionals if needed.

  • A bitch session - divorce advice for men is to support each other as that was what I needed and received immensely throughout the process. Although you will have gripes and anger and other emotions that will boil over the top, this site is an outlet to discuss maturely and help others.

  • A pity party. You are a man and you need to deal with this situation. That doesn't mean you can't cry, can't talk, can't vent. It just means that you have to handle the situation as a man and do so with character so that you come out on the other end stronger.

Why Divorce is a Journey...

Divorce advice for men takes you through the journey. Life is a journey and this is certainly a subset of that if you are having to go through it. Whether you are the one requesting the divorce or vice versa.

The process is a roller coaster ride and will touch on every aspect of life that you shared with your spouse for the years you were married. Some marriage splits are simple, cordial, and easy to manage where a dissolution may provide the better route.

Some marriage splits are more complicated, ugly and create instances where attorneys are required, full out divorce is necessary, and the process is a bit more complicated.

Either way there are steps that you must go through and we're going to help you along the way.

Let's Begin...

No matter where you are in your divorce or even your life, now is the time to get the divorce support and help you need. On the left of divorce advice for men you will find the topics broken down into categories.

Start there, find where you are, and let's see if we can assist you in going through divorce in the best manner possible.

Gentlemen, put your big boy pants on and let's get this shit figured out ASAP!!

Best Regards,

Divorce Advice for Men

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