Find a Divorce Attorney Checklist - Simple Questions to Help You Hire a Bad A$$ Divorce Attorney...

Find a divorce attorney - hiring the right lawyer is no fun, but if you want to find a true divorce professional that fits your situation then you can't just overlook this.

Obviously you don't want to be in this situation but it does help to find one that will help you through the process smoothly & ensure success.

find a divorce attorney

This becomes more important when you have a large number of assets to split, children are involved, and other issues that can become more complex than just filing for divorce on your own.

Not all divorce lawyers are the same and you will find this out quickly. You owe it to yourself and your kids if you have them to hire the best lawyer possible. They will give you confidence and fight for everything you want. I recommend not just going with one attorney (i.e. if your soon to be ex has one) don't rely on them. They will not fight for you and you'll be at a disadvantage.

In my case I had an attorney simply look over the paperwork, question a few things, and it allowed me to come out o.k. I didn't pay for a full fledged attorney but if you need one below is a checklist with how to proceed and find a divorce attorney.

Checklist - Finding a Good Divorce Lawyer...

  • Friends and family members - chances are you know someone who's been through divorce
  • Ads whether online or offline
  • Trade websites or attorney websites - read their content and ask questions
  • Other professionals
  • Law Schools or Bar Associations
  • Other Attorneys
  • The courthouse in your county

  • How long have you been practicing law?
  • What is your specialties? Mostly in divorce/domestic issues?
  • Are you certified in domestic relations?
  • Are there paralegals or other professionals that would work on my case?
  • Can you provide some insight into a few of your most memorable cases?
  • How are you perceived by other attorneys and judges?
  • How often are you in court for these matters?
  • How many cases are you handling?
  • What is the process like? Time frame? What to expect?
  • What are the laws like in this jurisdiction when children are involved - especially from the fathers point of view?
  • Do you represent mostly men, women, or a solid mix of both?
  • Do you handle appeals, how much does that cost, what is that process like, and what are odds of overturn?
  • Are you paid a flat fee or retainer? Upfront or will you accept payments or credit cards?
  • What is your billing and receivables process like?
  • Can you show me what a sample bill looks like?
  • What services are included in the fee amount proposed?
  • What happens if I cannot pay a bill on time?
  • What are the terms/conditions of our agreement?
  • What do you need from me to start or make the decision to work with me?
  • What is your rating in the industry - in Martindale-Hubbel?
  • Are you actively involved in outside associations, speaking engagements, social causes, lobbying, and other domestic relations groups/areas?
  • What result should be our goal in my case? What is realistic and what should I expect - best and worst case?
  • Do you know my spouse's lawyer and have you had cases with them previously?
  • How to contact you or the office staff working on my case and expected response time?
  • My situation is a bit unique due to major issues - how can this be handled from a legal standpoint?
  • Why did you get into this particular section of law?
  • This whole process is scary and I feel like I'm losing control - is that a normal thing? What should I do from your professional opinion?
  • Can I contact any references (reviews can sometimes be found online as well)?
  • Is there anything else I should know?

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Don't Stop There to Find a Divorce Attorney...

Ask as many questions as you can to feel comfortable. Do you need a pit bull or a golden retriever in your case metaphorically speaking? Dig deep and get personal with them if you have to because they are going to have to get personal with you.

The bottom line is you are going to get a bit intimate with your divorce attorney and want to feel confident they are going to go balls to the wall to help you and your situation by getting set up for the future.

Again, use your gut, trust your feeling of the person and move forward!

Find a divorce attorney

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