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Find a divorce lawyer that makes the process of divorce easy. You already have enough to deal with and trying to go at it alone can prove disastrous.

We all know the laws are written in their own code and it may prove very beneficial to have a good divorce attorney to work with and represent your best interests.

This will be even more important if your spouse has their own attorney. You don't want to rely on using one attorney because they will represent the person who hired them, thereby leaving the other on their own (and a good attorney is good at using the law to hit your psychology).

Below are Tips and Ways to Find a Divorce Lawyer...

First and foremost ask for referrals to find a divorce lawyer. I would be certain that you know at least a handful of people who've dealt with this before. Talk to them if you feel comfortable. I actually got multiple referrals without even asking for quality attorneys and other professionals throughout the process.

Be sure to shop around and ask questions (more below on this). Attorney are not all created equal and you need to find one who specializes in divorce.

You must ask yourself what kind of attorney you want. One that will say everything will be o.k. and just take care of the specifics or one that will provide you information, educate you, be open and honest with you, and so forth.

Fees can get expensive so be certain you understand the costs up front and what value you will be receiving for that price. They should provide you a no-fee consult upfront or at least ask for one. No reason to pay for them if they won't be utilized. A good attorney knows the money isn't made from meeting with you one time.

Going with the above, don't be afraid to talk to more than one attorney. This may be a longer process than you'd prefer so you want to feel comfortable and ensure the attorney you have chosen has your best interests in mind.

Ask a Ton of Questions to Find a Divorce Attorney...

Be specific in what you want and ask questions along the way. It is best to prepare before you meet when trying to find a divorce lawyer. Sit down at your computer or with a pad and paper and start writing the topics that you will want to talk about. Continue to do this all the way up to the meeting.

Some examples of questions include: What are my options? What is the process if we go with A or B? Have you handled similar cases? How long will the case take? Is this type of law your expertise? Get real and specific with them. What happens throughout the process could result in positive or negative long terms effects.

When you meet with the attorney, how do they measure up? Do you feel comfortable with them? Are they taking the time to answer your questions? Do they seem to have your best interest at heart? Do they sound competent?

Make sure they understand specifics such as child support if children are involved, alimony issues, division of assets, difficult spouse situations, and more.

Each time you meet or talk to them have specific, to the point questions. You are paying for their time at that point. Understand who is working on your case and how knowledgeable they are. You have hired this team so they work for you - education aside, just remember that.

Insights on How to Find a Divorce Lawyer...

One tip to find a divorce lawyer - I have learned with professionals is can they take a complicated subject such as divorce law and explain it to you in terms that a 7th grader would understand?

If they can then they first know they have an ability to communicate. Two they are not full of ego.Three they do know what they are talking about and actually care. From personal experience I've found the professionals who use all the jargon don't usually know squat and intimidate you with words and phrases that they don't even understand.

Read everything - fee schedules and all paperwork all the way through this process. I don't care if you can't read. Figure out a way to ensure you understand everything involved with your case. You have to go at this as if you have no friends. That is overemphasized of course but now is a time to look out for number one and trust your instincts.

Take time to mull it over before you choose your attorney. Get their business card and sit on all of your appointments. Then make a decision to get the process started with the attorney you have chosen.

Coming Soon in the Find a Divorce Lawyer Section...

We'll be providing some additional resources as we build this section including a simple report outlining the definitive questions you must ask and the top mistakes made by people going through divorce and how to avoid them.

Be sure to print out the checklist on how to find a divorce attorney the right way.

In the meantime let us help get you in touch with a good attorney for a free case review. We won't share your information on our site and won't share your information with anyone you do not want. We'll contact you first to ensure we have all information accurate and let you know the procedure from there.

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